Better Sex for Men

After being frustrated with the existing sex literature online, I started a project: I’d learn as much as I possibly could about improving sex for men, then I’d report back here on what I was learning.

The goal has been to create content that teaches you incredibly useful sexual skills like lasting longer or having multiple orgasms, without the usual “look at me, I’m the fucking man, I’m slaying women left and right” rhetoric that you usually run into.

Last Longer in Bed: Getting to 20 Minutes and Beyond

This article is an overview of the techniques and practices you can use to increase how long you last in bed. I cover kegels, better masturbation practice, and what you can do during sex to extend the pleasure.

How to Have Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms: a Step-by-Step Guide

You might not know it, but men can ejaculate multiple times in a single session just like women can. And, they can have orgasms that last 5+ minutes. It takes practice, but if you’re dedicated you can radically improve your sexual experience.

Multiple Orgasms During Sex For Men (Positions, Techniques, and More)

The follow-up to how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms, this article works you through having multiple orgasms during sex and foreplay, including ideal strokes and positions to help you get there.

Kegel Exercises for Men

Here, I go more in-depth on kegel exercises and how they can improve your sexual longevity, increase your orgasm intensity, and allow you to eventually achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Practice Reverse Kegels to Last Longer in Bed

To fully control how long you last in bed, you need to add “reverse” kegels into the mix. They train you to release your PC muscle, keeping you at a lower level of stimulation, and not getting to the point of no return too quickly.

How to Spike Your Testosterone for Sexiness and Productivity

By strategically timing your ejaculations, you can spike your testosterone as much as 45%, which is perfect for when you want a bit more of a dominant edge.