Value Compounds, Mediocrity Doesn’t: a Chat with Justin Mares

In this episode:

– How Justin founded his bone broth company and other successful companies
– Justin speaking about the lucrative aspect of cryptocurrencies
– How Justin chooses mentors and how he chooses who to reach out to
– How Justin tests new companies for the potential of success
– Justin’s philosophy on taking the time to invest in your work
– Justin’s book recommendations and advice for college students and recent graduates

Replacing Tech Degrees with Hands-On Learning with Darwish Gani

Some of the topics we covered:

– How Darwish started a technology school and learned how to teach programming
– The importance and tactics of proper networking
– The power of finding your direction in life and taking action on it
– Darwish’s advice for students who don’t yet have a set career path
– Advice from Darwish on good software engineering, and why schools teach it poorly

And a lot more!

Lifelong Learning and Building Self-Discipline with Scott Britton

In this episode:

– How straying from a linear career path and taking risks can improve your success
– What you should prioritize your time on while in college
– The usefulness of aggressive networking and improving your charisma
– How Scott learned discipline and determination during college
– How Scott continuously avoided learning plateaus

And much more…

The Marathon of Beer, Books, Philosophy, and More with Neil Soni

In this episode of Nat Chat, Neil and I covered:

– Optimizing for learning versus wealth
– Testing startup and business ideas
– How Neil has landed such interesting work roles, and what an “innovation consultant” is
– Developing skills on your own, marketing or otherwise
– How Neil chooses what to read, and how he learns from the books he reads
– What Neil did and would have done differently with his college education

And a ton more