Here you can find everything I’ve made, either on this site or off it. Most of it is free to download without your email address.

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Stamena: An iPhone app that helps men last longer in bed, by having them practice both kegels and reverse kegels. More on using it and why I made it here.

The Runway Calculator: A spreadsheet that helps you figure out how long you could afford to live in different nomad-friendly cities around the world, based on your current income, spending, and the cost of living in different cities. More on using the tool here.

Quantitative Life Goals Template: If you want the same spreadsheet that I use to set my goals and stay on track, here it is. Get the full article and how to use the spreadsheet here.


Programming for Marketers: A 10-day free email course to help marketers develop more technical skills.

Become a Technical Marketer: Mine and Justin’s master course on becoming a technical marketer, and the subject of my lifestyle business article.


Building a Lifestyle Business: The PDF of bonus content for my article on how I started a now automated business that made $58,150 in the first 5 months. (Original article)

Guide to Your Own Water Fast: A PDF overview of how you can do your own 5 day water fast, based on my own experience doing it. (Original article)

Bulletproof Tea Recipe: If you want to start your day with some amazing bulletproof tea, this is the recipe you need. (Original article)