Past and Current Projects


Growth Machine - A boutique search-focused content marketing agency that works with growing eCommerce brands. We have a waiting list for new clients, but if you want to work with us, you can reach out on the site.

Made You Think - A weekly podcast with Neil Soni where we discuss the main lessons from interesting books, articles, albums, speeches, and more.

Cup & Leaf - A premium tea site started as a Growth Machine project.

The Writer Finder - A matchmaking service for companies looking for writers for their site, primarily for companies that can't yet afford to hire Growth Machine.

Brain - My highly annotated collection of 230+ book notes, which I add new books to every week or two.

Stamena - An iPhone app I had developed to help men with premature ejaculation after the sex articles on this site got insanely popular.


Programming for Marketers & Become a Technical Marketer - An email and video course teaching marketers technical skills, sold to General Assembly. You can read about creating and growing it here.

Nat Chat - My first podcast, which I discontinued in favor of Made You Think.

Tailored Fit - My first startup, started when I was a student in college. Raised a ton of money, got no where, burned it all, it was fun.

FratBoxes - A gag company I started as part of startup weekend, it was a pretty fun experience, and helped me better understand the whole Lean Startup model.