Hi, I’m Nat


If this is your first time here, this site is a little different since there’s not much of an overarching theme.

That means one week I could talk about not eating for 5 days, then making money by traveling , and then hosting dinners to meet awesome people.

Not to mention improving sex for men and starting a lifestyle business.

This is more than a blog, too. I keep notes on everything I learn from books, articles, speeches, and more, and publish it here so you can learn from it. As for the articles I’m currently enjoying, you can find those in my pocket.

And from what I’m learning, I catalog mental models that let me live and work more effectively.

I’ve also built a number of things, either on this blog or off of it, which you should check out on my creations page. If you’re curious what I’m working on right now, you can find that here.

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P.S. If you REALLY love the site and want a list of EVERYTHING on it… here’s the full archives.