What I’m Up to Right Now

If you enjoy reading this site and are curious about what I’m working on, here’s the latest. (Thanks to nownownow.com for the idea!)

  1. My primary project right now is the sex book. I’ve finished a beta draft, and am doing the second round of reader feedback on it. Signup on that page for updates.
  2. Second to that is growing this website. I’m trying to publish at least once every two weeks, while also adding to my lessons and mental models.
  3. Getting my gym schedule back on track. I fell off while I was working in Austin, so it’s good to be back in a routine.
  4. Experimenting with cold exposure through extended periods in a cold plunge, it’s quite fun, more on that in the future.
  5. Living in Buenos Aires! More on this trip and what it means here.

As what I’m up to changes, I’ll update this page. Last update was 9/19/2016