Get Lifetime Access to Part of My Brain

Five years ago, I started taking detailed notes from every book I was reading.

This ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve collected notes from over 250 books since then, and I use them almost every day to influence my writing, business decisions, podcast episodes, or thinking through various problems in my life.

If I want to remember the core lessons from Deep Work by Cal Newport, and how to use those lessons to live more productively, I just pop open my note:

Or when I need to remember the ways we deceive ourselves for an article (or my own self-improvement), I can open up my notes from “The Psychology of Human Misjudgments” by Charlie Munger:

I could spend an afternoon scrolling through all 250+ books, glancing through my notes on them, and quickly get back up to speed with everything I’ve read the last five years:

It’s been an incredible resource for my creative output, and I want you to be able to use it for yours as well.

There are plenty of ways you could take advantage of it:

  • Quickly skim my notes before deciding if you want to buy a book.
  • Refresh the core topics from books you may have read years ago.
  • Search for books that cover topics you’re curious about, or want to cite as sources.
  • Sound really smart by being able to reference tons of books you haven’t read.

And since this is the actual notebook I take my notes in, you’ll also automatically get one or two new book notes each week. You pay once, and you get lifetime access to my growing list of notes from the books I’m reading.

If you went out and bought all of these books, you’d pay around $3,000. If you then spent the 3-6 hours reading each book, and 1-2 hours taking notes on them, it’d take you anywhere from 800 – 1,600 hours to recreate this.

Almost an entire work year of reading and note-taking.

I’m eventually going to sell this for $100 once the list passes 300 books.

But until I get there, you can buy lifetime access to my book notes for $25.

Once you purchase, you’ll get sent a link to access book notes in Notion.

(Evernote disabled the sharing feature we were previously using. If you'd like an Evernote version too, just respond to the welcome email and we'll send it to you!)

You’ll immediately be able to search all of my book notes, copy text out of them, make copies of them to remix into your own notes, and most importantly, you’ll have access to the core of my last five years of exploration into learning, self-improvement, fitness, travel, money, and all of the other topics I explore on this site.

Ready to dive in?


What if I don't use Evernote?

No problem! You'll still be able to save a copy of the notebook and access it to search within it from your browser.

How will I know about new book additions?

Assuming you're on my email list, I'll let you know about all new additions each week in my newsletter!