“A front-row seat to the rollercoaster rise and fall of crypto during the 2020-2021 zeal. A great look from the trenches to understand the good and bad of cryptocurrency from the inside out."

Reid Hoffman

Entrepreneur (PayPal, LinkedIn), Partner at Greylock

"As someone who used to work in crypto, Crypto Confidential really resonated with me. The search for meaning, the questioning, the wondering if things really can be better - and the disappointment when it isn’t. The book was soulful and a beautiful exploration of an industry that should ask more of itself."

Kyla Scanlon

Financial Educator and Author of In This Economy?

"If you don't find some of Crypto inspiring, you're not paying attention, and if you don't find a lot of it absurd, you're not paying attention. Nat Eliason brilliantly captures both ends in Crypto Confidential. Every investor should read this book.”

Morgan Housel

Bestselling Author of The Psychology of Money


Nat had six months to make as much money as possible before his first child was born. So, he turned to where countless others did in 2021: Crypto.

Within a year, he'd made millions writing code holding hundreds of millions of dollars of other people's money. He'd been hacked. He'd sold a picture of a monkey for two hundred grand. He'd become an influencer, speaking at conferences, and writing a weekly newsletter to tens of thousands of fans. Best of all, Nat had amassed a small fortune.

But how much of this money was even real? And how many times can someone double down before they eventually lose everything?

Crypto Confidential is Nat's unfiltered, insider's account of the hyperactive, hyper-speculative, hyper-addictive, nearly unregulated, completely insane world being built on the blockchain.

A behind-the-scenes exposé of the bull runs and breakdowns, revealing exactly how the crypto-sausage gets made. A story of getting rich, going broke, scamming and getting scammed— and how we can all be more educated participants during the inevitable next bull run.


“A riveting insider's account of the cryptocurrency casino. It's funny, honest, and moving — a true triumph for a book about bits and bytes.”

Jimmy Soni

Bestselling Author of The Founders

"Crypto Confidential is the perfect way to understand the culture of the crypto craze. Fast-paced and informative, newcomers will be shocked and veterans will feel seen."

Eric Jorgenson

Bestselling Author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant


An excerpt from the prologue...

I was flying out of my bedroom before I even finished reading the message. This couldn’t be real. This guy was screwing with me. 

My wife, Cosette, called after me. “Honey…?”

“Uh, it’s fine. I gotta… fix something.” 

I could hardly form the words. My mouth wasn’t working. My heart hammered in my ears and pins and needles burned my hands and feet. I squeezed my fists as hard as I could to get them to stop hurting as I stumbled into my office and fumbled through my laptop password, pulling up the message that had thrown me out of bed: 

“Nat, someone found a way to hack us. It sounds bad. All of our funds might be at risk.”

This was the absolute worst-case scenario. The one I’d pushed to the back of my mind. The one I pretended was impossible so I could sleep at night. I’d always accepted the risk that I could lose all of my money. But if I lost a hundred million dollars of other people’s money… 

I couldn’t let myself think about that right now.

If I played along and got us hacked, I’d be ruined. But if I didn’t play along and we got hacked, well, then I’d be screwed, too. A year ago, I never could have dreamed of making this kind of money. My entire life had changed. I’d secured my family’s financial future. I’d ensured the life for my daughter that I was so desperate to give her. And now it was all about to get taken away. Just like that. Back to start. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. 

I dug my elbows into my desk and fell forward into my hands, trying to rub the terror and fatigue out of my eyes. 

This might be the worst day of my life

What the hell am I supposed to do?


“The crypto industry has no shortage of scandal, and yet the allure of its potential persists for many. Crypto Confidential is a riveting, personal account of what happens when you get sucked in. I couldn’t put it down."

Zoë Schiffer

Author of Extremely Hardcore
Managing Editor at Platformer

"A gripping narrative on the highs, lows, and inner workings of cryptocurrency. Part thriller and part educational, Nat does an excellent job of telling a captivating story while providing simple explanations of how crypto works."

Nick Maggiulli

COO at Ritholtz Wealth
Author of "Just Keep Buying"


An excerpt from chapter 20...

I don’t know when you’re reading this. Maybe it’s during a crypto “winter” when the market is quiet and everyone is licking their wounds. Maybe you’re in the peak of a mania, and there’s some new narrative that’s taking off: this era’s version of ICOs or NFTs. Or maybe the market is heating up again, you sense that, like me, this is your opportunity to make your riches. 

The two easiest ways to miss out on making lots of money in a crypto speculative mania are by not participating, and by holding your bets for too long. I don’t suspect you’ll commit the first error since you’re already deep into this book. But you very well might commit the second error. 

So, when do you sell? How do you avoid holding on for too long and becoming exit liquidity? 

I’ve already shared a few rules. My favorite is to sell something as soon as it’s worth more than you would pay for it. If you’re looking at the 100,000 SHIBA tokens you bought for $100 that are now worth $10,000 and you’re wondering if you should hold on, but you wouldn’t put $10,000 into it now, then you should sell. 

But sometimes you never get to that point. That’s why it’s even more important to know some “Signs of the End,” indications that the narrative you’re participating in might be over, done, kaput, and you should take your winnings and leave.

So here are the signs the end is coming and you should think about selling everything...