Nat Chat: Latest Podcast Episodes, Show Notes, and More

Nat Chat is the podcast companion to this blog where I’m currently exploring what to do as a college student or recent grad who feels they don’t fit in the world of grades, classes, and one size fits all careers.

It was something I struggled with in school, something I’ve talked with a number of readers about since, and is something I want to create more options and education around.

To learn a bit more about what the goal is, check out the launch episode or listen to it right here:

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Latest Episodes & Show Notes

If you’re looking for the latest episodes and their show notes, you can find a full list on this page, or scroll through the links below:

37: Reframing the Way That You Learn and Becoming a MetaLearner with Nasos Papadopolous

36: Isaac Morehouse on How to Get Any Job You Want and Fixing Education

35: How Vincent Nguyen Ditched College to Better Learn from Work and Mentors

34: Hacking Your Time, Habits, Productivity, and More with Sebastian Marshall

33: Top Twenty Poker Professional to High-End Productivity Coach with Chris Sparks

32: Starting Your Own Media Company and Skipping College with Hannah Phillips

31: Quitting College to Learn Programming in 7 Months with Bekah Lundy

30: How an Ideal Mentorship Can Teach You More than College with Cory Ames

29: What If Students Learned What They Want To? Unschooling and More with Blake Boles

28: Creating a Career from Art, Travel, and Instagram with Tasha Meys

27: When to Quit Your Job and Pursue You Passion with Aaron Watson

26: Escaping Boring Jobs to Jump Rope and Look Good Naked with Zen Dude Fitness

25: The End of School and Building a Valuable Skillset with Zak Slayback

24: The Most Effective University in the US: Minerva Schools at KGI

23: Timeless Strategies to Achieving Mastery: Mastery by Robert Greene

22: How to Fund Your Passion through Side Gigs with Shelcy Joseph

21: Becoming an Expert Marketer in Record Time with Matthew Barby

20: Turning a Love of Sports into an Exciting Career with Chris Chaney

19: Are You an Excellent Sheep? A Chat with William Deresiewicz

18: Hacking Free Uber Rides and Reaching Out to Anyone with Kevin Miller

17: Q&A Time! My Thoughts on Escaping the Road to Nowhere

16: Sidestepping College to Pursue Your Interests with Josh Lilien

15: How to Profit from Chaos: Lessons from Antifragile by Nassim Taleb

14: Finding Work You’re Passionate About with Thomas Frank, the College Info Geek

13: Learning Spanish (and more) in One Month with Connor Grooms

12: Practical Strategies for Dealing with Depression with Angela Ma

11: Secrets of Memorization, Flow, and Rapid Learning with Lucas Miller

10: Value Compounds, Mediocrity Doesn’t: a Chat with Justin Mares

9: Replacing Tech Degrees with Hands-On Learning with Darwish Gani

8: Lifelong Learning and Building Self-Discipline with Scott Britton

7: The Marathon of Beer, Books, Philosophy, and More with Neil Soni

6: Ditching Wall Street to Change How We Eat with Helen Guo

5: Self-Taught Coding and Starting Up in College with Max Friedman

4: Getting Your Dream Mentor and Beating Anxiety with Charlie Hoehn

3: Useful Skills, Silent Risk, and The End of Jobs with Taylor Pearson

2: Learning Anything One Project at a Time with Adil Majid

1: College is Broken, So What Should Young People Do?