Announcement: I'm Also Posting on Everything!

By Nat Eliason in Life

Published or Updated on Oct 14, 2020

I'm joining Everything, an online publication curating the very best content on productivity, entrepreneurship, and strategy on the web. Click below to join and get access to my subscriber-only posts, or keep reading for the full story.

Also, Everything is normally $20 a month but for the next 24 hours you can join for $15 per month as a special deal for my readers 😃

Click here to signup (with the discount) and get my first article.

Since I started this site, I've published almost everything here. I rarely do guest posts, preferring to keep as much content as possible siloed here.

There's a lot of value in keeping all of your content in one place, but there's even more value in being part of a team.

I've had the pleasure of joining two teams this year, comprising what I consider to be the "productivity mafia of the Internet."

First, I joined Forte Academy to host and feature my course, Effortless Output in Roam.

Now, I'm also joining The Everything Bundle with my new publication "Almanack" to publish a couple premium articles a month as part of their exceptional bundle.

So what will I be writing about? Well I'm still finalizing my future pieces, but by joining you'll get access to:

  • My previous posts on why Oatly is terrible for you, and how I took notes on 250+ books.
  • My brand new post on "The Mental Model Behind Every High-Performer I Know"
  • My post in a couple weeks on how I delegated 95% of my email to spend less than 10 minutes on it per day.
  • And all future posts on getting healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

If you're not familiar with Everything, it is the future of online publications. They identify the best writers online discussing work, productivity, and finance, and add them to their list of publications that you get access to for one monthly fee.

Instead of having to subscribe to a bunch of different publications, you can subscribe to Everything and get some of the best writing online all in one place.

Every week you get fantastic articles and new insights from all the publications in the bundle.

  • Dan Shipper's "Superorganizers" breaks down how some of the most productive people in the world do what they do.
  • Nathan Baschez's "Divinations" dives into different business strategy frameworks and analyzes how companies succeed (or don't).
  • Adam Keesling's "Napkin Math" provides data-driven business & startup analysis to explore what's working, what's not, and what might come in the future.
  • Tiago Forte's "Praxis" is quite simply the best productivity for knowledge workers publication online.
  • Li Jin & Nathan's "Means of Creation" discusses how creators are making it work in the passion economy.
  • And my new publication "Almanack" will feature some of my more detailed deep dives into getting healthy, wealthy, and wise.

By joining, you not only get access to all future posts, you also get access to the extensive archives published by everyone in the bundle.

I'm super excited to be teaming up with Dan, Nathan, and everyone else at Everything to bring this new publication to you, and can't wait to see your feedback on the new posts.

I'll still be publishing here too, of course, but some of the best pieces will be published on Almanack.

So go here to sign up for Almanack and make sure you get all future articles!


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