Absorb My Skills

99% of the content I publish is free.

But occasionally, it makes sense to package everything I know about a topic into a course that you can take at your own pace.

I currently have two:

SEO for Solopreneurs

This course is all about how I've designed this website to generate over $500,000 per year, almost entirely passively.

I bring in a few hundred thousand visitors a month almost entirely through SEO, and those visitors (like you!) sometimes end up buying things.

So this course is all about how you can build something similar yourself. Not some scammy affiliate site. A site you're proud of that also happens to make you lots of money.

The course covers getting traffic, building products, converting visitors, literally everything you need to know. I don't really work in SEO anymore, so I packaged everything I know into this course. enjoy! 

Click here to learn more about SEO for Solopreneurs.

Effortless Output in Roam

This course is about two things. First, how to use Roam Research, a note taking tool for networked thought.

But it's really about how to study things you're interested in, collect information on them, then turn that information into finished products you can share with the world.

I've published over a thousand pieces of writing in the last 7 years, sent a newsletter every single Monday for 5 years, grown a multi-million dollar business... I get a decent amount done.

This course is how I stay on top of all of it. Even if you decide at the end that you don't love Roam as a tool, you'll still have my process for Researching, Synthesizing, Creating, and Being Productive.

Click here to learn more about Effortless Output.

Aside from those, I may launch other courses in the future. Make sure you're on the email list to find out about them!