How I Spend 5 Minutes Per Day on Email

By Nat Eliason in Productivity

Published or Updated on Oct 28, 2020

I don’t “do” email anymore.

Instead, twice a day I get a message in Slack that looks like this.

I only need to spend 5 - 10 minutes a day responding to any emails in that message, and I look at my inbox maybe a couple times a week.

I have tried, and failed, many times in the past to reduce, delegate, or neglect my email, but all previous attempts have fallen apart or made little difference.

Until, that is, I hired my amazing VA, Amanda. Together, we've figured out a system where she's able to handle 95% of my email for me, surfacing the truly important things I need to jump in on while resolving or redirecting the rest of it.

From that I can open the important emails, respond, and hardly ever check my inbox.

If you don't have a VA you're working with, that's something I'm going to write about eventually but the short advice is to just work with Great Assistant. Seriously, they do awesome work.

Alright, how does this system work?

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