Nat Chat is LIVE! College is Broken, So What Should Young People Do?

By Nat Eliason in College

Published or Updated on May 01, 2017

After months of planning, interviewing, researching, and learning, I am so excited to finally be able to say that Nat Chat is LIVE and you can get the intro and next two episodes right now.

You can also search for “Nat Chat” in any podcast app, or find it on Pocket CastsOvercastGoogle Play MusicYouTube, or SoundCloud.

You can also listen to them right here:

Episode 2 with Adil Majid.

Episode 3 with Taylor Pearson.

I decided to do something a little different with the podcast relative to this site. If you’ve followed this site for awhile, you know that I cover a huge breadth of topics, from psychology to travel to writing to sex to entrepreneurship and everything in between, and I wanted this to be more focused.

But, I also didn’t want to create something too narrowly branded, so here’s what’s happening.

I’m going to focus in on particular topics I care about for thematic seasons (though who knows how long a “season” will be) and explore it more in-depth than I’ve been able to on the blog. And the first topic is something I’m passionate about and have been working on in some capacity for the last four years:

What do you do if you’re a college student or recent grad who feels like they don’t fit in the world of grades, lecture halls, and one size fits all careers?

What do you do if…

  • You don’t like classes and don’t learn well in them?
  • You feel like the typical career prospects aren’t exciting?
  • You’re depressed from being locked into this one size fits all system?
  • You feel like your peers and parents don’t support you going a non-traditional route?
  • You want to be an artist, entrepreneur, early startup member, or anything else that doesn’t fit the common mold?

There’s no clear roadmap or good system for college students to pursue these alternative career paths, and I want to make them more accessible for more students.

To hear more about the focus of the show, listen to the intro episode on iTunesStitcher, in your podcast app (search “Nat Chat”), or above.

Now, I have a couple asks:

First: Listen to the intro episode, and then check out Episode 2 with Adil Majid, and Episode 3 with Taylor Pearson. These were great interviews that covered pretty different topics, and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Second: Subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts. That could be iTunesStitcherOvercastPocket CastsGoogle PlaySoundCloudYouTube. This is the best way to get new episodes as soon as they launch, and there’ll definitely be some more great ones coming.

Third: Please leave a review on iTunes once you’ve subscribed. I’m going to read every single one of these in the beginning so I can improve and tailor the show around your feedback.

And if you enjoy the show and you’re excited about the premise, please send the second episode with Adil or third episode with Taylor to someone else who you think would enjoy or benefit from it.

Happy listening!


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