High-Level Thoughts

A useful book for someone getting started with microbusinesses, or lifestyle businesses, and wants some more guidance. Nothing revolutionary, though.

Summary Notes

“The world has plenty of better artists, smarter writers, funnier humorists and more experienced business people. The rare part is that each of those modest skills is collected in one person. That’s how value is created.”

The “magic formula” “Bringing the first two ideas together, here is the not-so-secret recipe for microbusiness alchemy: Passion or skill + usefulness = success”

“…Finally I figured it out: Most people don’t care about the intricacies of how airlines work; they just want to know how to get cheap tickets.”

“As we saw from the stories in Chapter 1, you don’t need a lot of money or special training to operate a business. You just need a product or service, a group of people who want to buy it, and a way to get paid. We’ll look at each of these things in more detail throughout the book, but you don’t have to wait to get started. Here are the six steps you need to take: 1. Decide on your product or service. 2. Set up a website, even a very basic one (you can get a free one from WordPress.org). 3. Develop an offer (an offer is distinct from a product or service; see Chapter 7 for help). 4. Ensure you have a way to get paid (get a free PayPal account to start). 5. Announce your offer to the world (see Chapter 9 for more on this). 6. Learn from steps 1 through 5, then repeat.”

““If I gave you a treasure map, would you complain that it was only one page long?””

I’ve taken very new notes here because it’s been so long and I’ve learned so much of this that it’s no longer useful to me. At the time, though, I remember enjoying it and finding it helpful, so don’t take my lack of notes here as a suggestion that the book is not useful!

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