This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better

Rating: 2/10

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This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better

Rating: 2/10

Read More on AmazonGet My Searchable Collection of 250+ Book Notes

High-Level Thoughts

Borrows heavily from other copywriting books without attribution. I’d strongly recommend reading Boron Letters instead.

Summary Notes

“When people come to something new, they immediately assess if it’s USEFUL to them. So if a pregnant woman stumbles upon a page called: “How to avoid stretch marks when you’re pregnant” … .. she’ll likely be very interested. She’ll probably never know the name of the person who wrote the article, however the information applies directly to her!”

Make sure it’s crystal clear what benefit people are going to get.

Write in a style that’s casual and natural to you.

“Easy headline formula: [End result customer wants] + [Specific time period] + [Address the objections]”

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