High-Level Thoughts

Speak the language from day one, use visualizations to remember words. The rest of the book is mostly fluff on those two concepts. I’d read his blog instead.

Summary Notes

  • The key determinate in whether or not you learn a language is your passion and legitimate interest in picking it up.
  • “You don’t know a language, you live it. You don’t learn a language, you get used to it.”
  • The only reason children are “better language learners” is that they are less afraid to make mistakes, and they get more practice.
  • To realistically become fluent in three months you’ll need to spend 2+ hours a day on the target language.
  • Creating visualizations similar to the techniques in Moonwalking on Einstein will make words more memorable. Spaced repetition helps you retain them.
  • Use media from your target language to practice listening. You can also talk to people on iTalki
  • Speak the language from day 1, this is how you will learn the fastest.
  • Learn a few helper verbs that save you having to conjugate other ones (I want, I can, I need, I am going to, I must, I want)

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