High-Level Thoughts

I think there are better books out there for introducing you to these ideas, even though this is “the book” on them. Surprisingly light in useful detail.

Summary Notes

I didn’t get much from this book, I think because I was already so familiar with the ideas it popularized that when I finally got back to “the source” it was old news. I will say, though, that the Lean Startup ideas are not new. They are the scientific method applied to companies. If you get the scientific method, and a few of the principles below, you’ll understand this book and don’t need to read it, though you might enjoy the stories and examples.

“Validated learning is the process of demonstrating empirically that a team has discovered valuable truths about a startup’s present and future business prospects.”

“The Lean Startup methodology reconceives a startup’s efforts as experiments that test its strategy to see which parts are brilliant and which are crazy. A true experiment follows the scientific method. It begins with a clear hypothesis that makes predictions about what is supposed to happen. It then tests those predictions empirically.”

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