High-Level Thoughts

Don't lie, it's not worth it, here's why. Thinking about how we erode trust through white lies told in front of other people was particularly interesting.

Summary Notes

Lying, even over the smallest reasons, needlessly damages personal relations and public trust.

In many cases, false encouragement can harm the other person. Telling a fat person they’re thin, telling a bad writer they’re doing great, telling a sloppy mess that they’re attractive, these all hold them back from fixing their problems. We do it because we’re scared of hurting their feelings, but we do more damage in the long run.

The solution isn’t to be an asshole, but to find ways to provide the truth objectively.

If your friends know you will be the one to tell them the truth, they’ll come to you more. You’ll be a welcome change because they know you won’t just coddle them.

How would your relationships change if you started doing this? What kind of person would you become, what would you learn about yourself?

Try being more truthful, and not telling these little white lies except when you absolutely have no other choice.

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