High-Level Thoughts

Some interesting thoughts on peak performance, but a bit too woo-woo without enough to back it up. Takeaway: meditation is good for performance.

Summary Notes

It takes about 10,000 hours to become world class at a sport.

Blacks don’t have some special genetic advantage over whites in sports, they just tend to work harder, train harder, and practice more from a young age which leads to their overrepresentation.

“Interestingly, there has been considerable research conducted which indicates that the number one variable that correlates with athletic success is self-confidence. Generally speaking, the more confident the athlete, the more successful he is in his sport.”

“You see most people are looking for complex answers to simple problems. They tend to let their minds get in the way of their progress. Accordingly, when you give them simple solutions to their problems, they tend to dismiss the answer because it sounds too simple for it to work.”

“…the majority of the research revealed that anxiety can have a significant decrement on performance. There is considerable research which indicates that anxiety can completely destroy performance.”

“If you’re not using any coping methods to control stress, I can flat damn guarantee you (meaning I am relatively sure) that you’ll never reach your peak performance as a student, an athlete, or as a human being.”

“If we surround ourselves with positive and successful people, we will tend to be positive and successful. Conversely, if we surround ourselves with negative and ineffectual people, we will tend to be negative and ineffectual.”

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