High-Level Thoughts

It’s essentially a spark-notes for “Money Master the Game,” I’d recommend reading the full book instead since it’s much more thorough and worth the time investment.

Summary Notes

Fewer than 1 in 5 corrections escalate to a bear market. Just because the market is correcting doesn’t mean that it’s going to completely go to a recession.

The Unshakeable Core Principles:

  1. Don’t Lose Money
  2. Asymmetric Risk / Reward
  3. Tax efficiency
  4. Diversification

The Common Mistakes:

  1. Seeking confirmation for your beliefs instead of looking for information that challenges them
  2. Mistaking Recent Events for Ongoing Trends Why Most Investors Buy the Wrong Thing at Exactly the Wrong Moment
  3. Overconfidence Get Real: Overestimating Our Abilities and Our Knowledge Is a Recipe for Disaster
  4. Greed, Gambling, and the Quest for Home Runs It’s Tempting to Swing for the Fences, but Victory Goes to the Steady Survivors 6.

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