When to Quit Your Job and Pursue Your Passion with Aaron Watson

Get with the people who are a couple steps ahead of where you want to be, and learn from them.

In this episode, I’m joined by Aaron Watson. Aaron and I were introduced via Zak Slayback, who came on for episode 25. Like Zak, Aaron is also passionate about the education, self-education, and self-improvement scene. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and went straight into an insurance sales job. Pretty soon into it, he realized that it wasn’t for him and left to start a podcast called “Going Deep with Aaron,” where he’s done over 250 episodes.

If you’ve ever thought that your job just wasn’t for you and that you wanted to go do something else that’s more exciting and rewarding, Aaron is a perfect model of how you can do that.

We cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Starting struggles with entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Aaron’s lessons from over 250 podcast guests
  • Finding the drive to work harder than your peers
  • Advice for growing your content and growing a podcast
  • Self-educating yourself outside of college
  • Aaron’s pivotal book recommendations

And much more. Please enjoy, and reach out to Aaron on Twitter!

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Show Topics

1:43 – Introduction to Aaron and how he chooses topics to talk about on his podcast.

3:26 – When Aaron started his podcast and how he found the drive to work harder than other people out there. Also, how this hard work has paid off for him.

6:49 – How Aaron balances his schedule between the sports, his podcast, and his branding job.

7:43 – Some of the biggest lessons Aaron’s learned from his podcast and from over 250 people.

11:20 – What Aaron was doing when he started his podcast and what his journey after graduation looked like.

14:22 – What Aaron was doing for money at the time that he was starting his podcast.

15:47 – How Aaron figured out how to effectively manage his podcast and interview people.

18:32 – Advice from Aaron on getting your content out there and how he managed to get his first few podcast guests.

22:25 – The power of circles of influence. Aaron’s example with professional ultimate frisbee leagues (AUDL) and speaking to entrepreneurs in that field.

24:36 – Aaron’s future plans for the podcast and where he plans to take it. Also, the usefulness of having an audience following for testing business ideas before you market them.

27:31 – How Aaron landed his job being the VP of sales for TopScore and what made him move on from that job. Also, how he landed a job with Nick Latka.

32:35 – Aaron’s journey through college and what he studied. Also, some of his entrepreneurial experiences with ultimate frisbee.

35:48 – How Aaron’s parents reacted to him leaving the insurance company to start his podcast.

38:04 – Aaron’s advice for others looking to get into entrepreneurial type work, and to get out of the consumption mindset and into the creation mindset.

42:09 – Some pivotal books that Aaron’s read and recommends to others.

44:29 – How Aarons decides which books to read and invest in.

46:19 – Some last thoughts from Aaron on learning Blockchain technology and some information regarding his event in Pittsburgh on January 29th.

50:11 – Wrap-up and where to find Aaron online.

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You see somebody from the outside and they’re super impressive, super built-up, and then you get to know them and it’s like “Oh, okay, they just worked really hard at this and they’ve earned that prestige, but they’re not that different from any of us.”

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