Starting Your Own Media Company and Skipping College with Hannah Phillips

In this episode of Nat Chat, I’m joined by Hannah Phillips. Hannah started her own media company while still in high school which began with photography. Not long after, it quickly grew into branding and social media management, as well. By the time she was ready to go to college, she was making enough money to support herself and decided to focus on her business instead. She did end up going through Praxis, which was discussed in my episodes with Zak Slayback and Aaron Watson. Through it all, she’s been able to develop her skills in photography, media, and social media marketing, and grow this business that’s supporting her, despite her only being 20 years old.

Hannah is an excellent person to learn from for those of you with a creative ability or for those that just want to get into something entrepreneurial.

We cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • How Hannah started and grew a successful media company
  • How she primarily learned through self-education
  • Getting accepted into Praxis and what the curriculum looks like there
  • How others can pursue a similar, artistic lifestyle
  • A couple of Hannah’s favorite books
  • Advice for those wanting to get into entrepreneurial pursuits

And much more. Please enjoy, and reach out to Hannah on Instagram!

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Show Topics

1:18 – Introduction to Hannah, her association with a previous podcast guest, Aaron Watson, and how she got into Praxis.

2:15 – How Hannah got started with doing photography for the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds, a professional ultimate frisbee team.

4:31 – Hannah’s first professional clients that she had for her photography and her thoughts on whether she’s always been interested in sports photography.

5:34 – How long Hannah’s been professional photographing and when she started her media company. Also, Hannah speaking about when her business first started to become profitable and detailing a bit on her company’s journey.

7:06 – The main things that Hannah focused on in the beginning of her company and detailing a bit on what she does now.

8:01 – How Hannah learned branding, consulting, social media marketing, and other skills.

8:47 – Hannah discussing her decision on not going to college and instead, working on her company full-time and self-educating herself.

10:12 – How Hannah found the confidence to not go to college and be okay. Also, her experience with being homeschooled.

12:13 – Hannah discussing her homeschooling experience a bit more, some discussion on self-directed learning, and what her education looked like in the later years. Also, advice for others looking to learn more and become more successful.

14:26 – Whether or not Hannah did any mentoring and her experience with giving speeches. Some discussion on her journey with Praxis and the impact it had, as well.

16:54 – What the application and qualification process for Praxis looks like, and what you have to prove. Also, what the curriculum looked like for Praxis.

19:56 – Some of the books that Praxis required students to read and Hannah discussing a couple of her favorite books. Some detail on pitching and sales, too.

23:06 – Hannah’s favorite person that she’s working with currently and what she does for that person. Afterwards, a bit about her experiences with Instagram marketing.

25:40 – How she got linked up with a marketing company while in Praxis and her speaking about cutting her apprenticeship short with that company.

27:30 – Hannah’s speaking about her financial security and her long-term goals with her company, HP Media. Also, Hannah’s thoughts on why so many artistic and creative people don’t make a job out of those skills.

31:20 – Hannah’s first project that she did outside of the school environment and what her first photography project for someone else was.

33:02 – Some things not mentioned so far that Hannah believes is really important for entrepreneurial success.

34:10 – Hannah’s biggest challenge she’s had from making her business her lifestyle and how she maintains her motivation.

36:10 – Some habits and small things that have helped Hannah do her best work.

38:36 – Wrap-up, some last pieces of advice from Hannah for others looking to be more successful and happy, and where to find Hannah online.

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