Landscape Photography II: Advanced Tools and Techniques on Skillshare

Rating: 7/10

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Landscape Photography II: Advanced Tools and Techniques on Skillshare

Rating: 7/10

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High-Level Thoughts

More good material on landscape photos, going into more detail on different situations than he did in the first part of the series. I think it rambles at times, though, could have used a bit more editing.

Summary Notes

This class revolves around taking five images, with lessons contained

Photo 1: Mobile Phone Forest and Flowers

  • Try to take photos when the light is interesting like in lesson 1, even when you’re in the forest, the right lighting can really make the flowers pop.
  • Late day sunshine, setting light balance to “daylight”
  • Use a polarizing filter when shooting into the light or when there’s water to create glare
  • You can add fake dew with a water spritzer

Photo 2: DSLR Twilight and Dusk

  • Using a 35mm lens
  • White balance set to daylight, but since it’s raw, you can change that later
  • If you have water that you want to flatten out, you can do a longer exposure
  • Experiment with doing longer exposures, changing white balance, adjusting aperture, seeing how you can different colors
  • Adding a polarizing lens again can help take glare off of water and make it more transparent.

Photo 3: DSLR Sunrise and Sunset

  • General for composition, good to have something in the foreground like stones at the edge of the lake
  • White balance: daylight, ISO as low as possible
  • During a sunrise and sunset, the light changes really fast so it can be helpful to stay in aperture priority mode so you don’t have to keep adjust settings

Photo 4: Mobile Phone Waterfalls

  • If you can’t get your shutterspeed slow enough to make the water look flowly without overexposing the photo, use a neutral density filter to darken the shot.

I didn’t take many useful notes on Photo 5 or the wrapup.

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