Creating a Career from Art, Travel, and Instagram with Tasha Meys

Just taking action in anything is going to have a much better result than just doing nothing.

In this episode, I’m joined by Tasha Meys. Tasha grew up in New Zealand and studied psychology, which she quickly got out of when she realized it wasn’t for her, going on to study food and nutrition instead. Around her sophomore year of college, she decided that she needed a portfolio for getting jobs post-graduation and got really into Instagram. Shortly after graduating, she began to get solicited by large brands wanting to be promoted on her Instagram page. Now, she consults companies on how to grow their own social media influence and helps others do the same.

Tasha is a great example of someone who turned their passion into a fulfilling and successful lifestyle and is a great person to emulate if you want to do something similar.

We cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Reaching out and finding good mentors
  • Improving your confidence with online publicity
  • Growing your social media influence
  • Bringing your skills to the table with social platforms
  • Gaining more financial independence through social media
  • Tasha’s pivotal book recommendations

And much more. Please enjoy, and reach out to Tasha on Instagram!

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Show Topics

0:00 – Intro to the show and some background information on Tasha.

1:13 – Tasha’s introduction, her detailing some of her traveling experiences, and a few of her business and writing experiences.

4:23 – How Tasha got involved with work based around Instagram, how she gained following on her Instagram, and what she studied in college.

8:58 – Tasha detailing what her college experience in New Zealand was like.

13:04 – What Tasha got into after graduating, how she landed her first social media managing job for a company in New Zealand, and then into work around Instagram.

16:46 – How Tasha learned how to successfully grow her Instagram and make a career out of that space.

18:30 – How Tasha overcame some of these personal barriers in the beginning of her Instagram career, promoted her work, and sharing advice that you can use.

21:58 – One of the biggest lessons that Tasha’s learned from her journey with Instagram, and her speaking on finding and learning from mentors.

24:45 – What Tasha’s process for reaching out to others looks like and some thoughts on being successful.

26:37 – When Tasha and her business partner started getting into consulting work, how long they’ve been working on their business, and how many clients they typically work with.

30:15 – What Tasha’s long-term goals are for the business and her own Instagram.

33:14 – How Tasha’s parents felt when she left the company in New Zealand to fly to America to work on Instagram.

34:30 – Some books that were pivotal to Tasha’s way of thinking and where she gets a lot of her information and advice from.

37:59 – Some last pieces of advice from Tasha and some things that she wished she’d known before starting all of this.

39:26 – Wrap-up and where to find Tasha online.

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